20120320 SmartMarine® 3D Advanced Plate Systems

Recorded on March 20, 2012.

From the simplest single planar plate, to complex, knuckled plates, to the most complex offshore nodal connection, advanced plate systems can help 3D users to maximize structural design productivity and reduce design error risk.

Graphical programming capabilities, referred to as geometric constructions, enable the efficient definition of complex elements and structures based on engineering, construction, and manufacturing rules. Once defined, the geometric constructions can be applied to other similar situations in the model. The geometric constructions environment enables the user to perform graphical programming using preconfigured 3D primitives to be included in the advanced plate systems feature.

Advanced plate systems and geometric constructions can be created and used on-the-fly to solve specific modeling situations or can be generated and saved into the catalog for future reuse. Using its patented associativity, the modification behavior for advanced plate systems helps generate higher productivity, greater consistency, and high-quality designs.