20110412 SmartMarine® 3D Rule-based Joints from Modeling to Manufacturing

Recorded on April 12, 2011.

Compared to previous generation solutions or any of the best structural design tools available today, SmartMarine® 3D’s (now a part of Intergraph Smart™ 3D) rule-based joints enable dramatic schedule reduction for geometric or raw material changes on jackets and tubular trusses. Primary structure nodes are often geometrically complex. Complexity creates fabrication problems, i.e. welding or dimensional control. Typically, nodes include cans and incoming ring stiffeners are possibly reinforced with stubs. Any change in node coordinates or tube dimensions or any introduction of reinforcements induces the recalculation of the node to fit parameters that result from dedicated analyses and decades of field experience.

This webinar focuses on nodes usually present on fixed steel drilling/production platforms but can be easily deployed in different fields, such as jackets/towers supporting wind generators. See demonstrations of node rule-driven re-calculation resulting from dimensional or topological changes. Finally, as with other SmartMarine structural business objects, the tubular built-ups representing legs, cans, beams, and stubs are sent to production with related technical data.