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Control costs and improve performance of capital projects

Capital projects are complex, regularly suffering from large budget and schedule overages. With a mission to help control costs, limit variances, and most importantly, help deliver successful projects, effective project controls can have a significant and positive financial impact on an organization.

Intergraph®’s project controls solution, EcoSys EPC™, provides a full life cycle solution for driving improved project delivery – from capital planning and project portfolio optimization, through budgeting, progress measurement, forecasting, and performance management. With industry-leading data integration and built-in business analytics, project teams spot problem areas sooner and drive significant improvements to project outcomes.

Only EcoSys provided a solution robust enough and flexible enough to execute our vision of a best-practice project cost management system. With EcoSys EPC, we’ll be able to analyze project data faster, improve project predictability and exceed the expectations of our clients.

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At every step of the way

Engineering & Construction

Whether you’re a contractor looking to improve gross margins for EPC projects or an owner seeking better ROI through effective project cash flow management, EcoSys EPC delivers the tools and capabilities to help drive project and financial performance.

Through standardization of processes, integration of data, and automation of reporting, organizations realize a greater ability to improve efficiency, accuracy, and effectiveness of project controls, achieve visibility into project cost performance across an enterprise, and predict outcomes and take corrective action sooner.

Oil, Gas & Chemicals

Across upstream, midstream and downstream, there is wide variety in the type, complexity, and size of projects requiring management visibility and control. And in today’s economic climate, an approved capital project must be executed exquisitely to achieve expected returns, while facing ever increasing scrutiny.

From tackling the challenges of managing a megaproject through the high-volume, rapid information demands of a plant shutdown, EcoSys EPC provides the efficiency, visibility, and standardization to realize successful projects.


Whether driven by regulation compliance, increasing customer demand, or the need to support aging infrastructure, utilities are experiencing growing project volume and complexity. Managing the portfolio of projects – from new multi-billion dollar investments through tracking thousands of O&M projects – is often a challenge, resulting in long delays and cost overages.

To address these issues, utilities look to a project controls software solution like EcoSys EPC that can integrate all project data from across the enterprise, regardless of size or scope. With clear visibility into the entire portfolio, stakeholders can evaluate the performance of both individual projects and divisions. Leveraging that information, they can more effectively rank and green light potential future projects. Project managers and cost engineers can quickly identify areas of low productivity and enable corrective actions to improve project cost performance.

Government Contractors

Government contractors are faced with some of the most difficult project controls challenges. They must manage project execution for profitability like all private companies, but through their relationships with the public sector, are also tasked with additional reporting and accountability requirements that can easily cut into margins.

Used by contractors from aerospace & defense to energy to transportation, EcoSys EPC provides a powerful, easy-to-use, web-based platform for government contractors to drive project and program performance, control costs, and deliver new-found visibility.


Across all levels of government, we’ve entered an era of intense scrutiny over project and program spending. Taxpayers and funding authorities are demanding greater transparency and accountability from their government agencies and local municipalities. Ultimately, the question asked is whether public funds are being used effectively. In many cases, however, the tools used to analyze and control project performance are either not up to the complexity of the task or are comprised of offline spreadsheets that require inefficient use of resources to manually compile reports.

EcoSys EPC is a web-based project controls platform for integrating capital planning, funds management, budget submission and requests, cost controls and performance measures like Earned Value Management (EVM), all in a single, easy-to-use system.

Learn more about solutions for Government (Federal/National).

Learn more about solutions for Government (State/Local).


Transportation projects are typically complex multi-year initiatives involving ambitious scope, large budgets, numerous integrated projects, and multiple stakeholders and contractors. Managing transportation projects is also a complex undertaking. The time and effort required for assembling diverse datasets for reporting and tracking can be so demanding that often programs have difficulty getting a comprehensive view of overall progress, potential issues and trends, and opportunities for corrective action.

EcoSys EPC is an enterprise planning and cost controls software solution designed to address the project management challenges faced by transportation programs. It delivers visibility for public agencies/owners, EPC firms and contractors, as well as mixed organizational structures like Public-Private Partnerships and Joint Ventures.

The Business Case for Project Controls Software

Modern project controls software is a fundamental component of a world-class project management organization, but how do you effectively communicate the value of project controls software within your organization? In this on-demand webinar, we will build the business case for project controls software.

EcoSys EPC Product Brochure

Download this brochure to learn about the EcoSys EPC enterprise project controls platform.

A Project Controls Maturity Model

The project controls discipline is wrought with a tremendous amount of data – costs and schedules, estimates and budgets, contracts and commitments, progress and forecasts. In the webinar, we’ll review a project controls maturity model that classifies how organizations manage these critical data points and the ensuing ability to measure, forecast and improve project performance.

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