SmartPlant Cloud

SmartPlant® Cloud brings the suite of SmartPlant Enterprise, third party solutions, and in-house applications all within reach.

Intergraph, Smart Cloud

SmartPlant® Cloud is a tailored computing environment allowing access to your extensive project data at any time on any device from any place around the world.

SmartPlant Cloud offers a number of benefits for both owner operators and EPC's, focusing on efficiency in capital projects design, execution, and plant operation and maintenance, which gives you a competitive advantage.

Intergraph® offers a free trial of SmartPlant Cloud in addition to a month-long proof of concept offering. Contact your account manager for more information, or submit your request here.

Welcome to SmartPlant Cloud

With SmartPlant Cloud, you can:

Reduce project risk

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

Shorten project schedules by maximizing reuse of data

Shorten application deployment time

Eliminate duplication of effort

Allow data be reused across multiple projects

Ensure application integration and central tag management in a consistent manner

Stop data erosion on a project (information getting lost along the way)

We see two key benefits to SmartPlant Cloud. The first is the application expertise that Intergraph brings…The second is the speed of onboarding. Intergraph worked closely with our internal experts to address any issues, which meant we were able to get what can be a complex product into production quickly.

Jackie Davis
Senior Applications Specialist, Process & Industrial Piping Department; Burns & McDonnell

The benefits of SmartPlant Cloud

Cost Reduction

What does it cost you to run SmartPlant applications?

Cloud_Icon_CostReductionSmartPlant Cloud reduces your real costs by eliminating capital IT expenditure, non-value-added efforts, and moves your costs where they really occur as variable expenses. SmartPlant Cloud automatically right-sizes the infrastructure globally to match your need. Our dedicated experts manage the health of the service and provide the fastest end user support.

Improve delivery of SmartPlant applications at a lower cost


Where is your biggest security threat?

Cloud_Icon_SupportOptimizationOutside hackers are what most companies perceive as their biggest threat, however, according to the 2015 Data Breach Industry Forecast by Experian almost 60% of security incidents were caused by employees. When you include vendors, suppliers, contractors, and partners the risk grows. Intergraph reduces this risk by our industry-leading commitment to ISO 27001 in protecting your data with strong user compliance and governance. Furthermore, our backup and disaster recovery strategy also protects your data confidentiality, integrity and availability in case of an event.

SmartPlant Cloud can significantly increase security.

Data Ownership

What is the right balance between cloud, flexibility and control for you?

Cloud_Icon_DataOwnershipIn today’s economy, can you afford not to consider this question? Intergraph understands that different companies have different strategies towards cloud adoption. With SmartPlant Cloud you get robust data segregation, flexibility of your environment and full ownership/control of your data - meaning that your IP is protected. This frees your resources to add more value to your business.

Leverage our experts and yours to meet your business objectives.

Agility & Flexibility

What is the value to you in being more agile and flexible?

Cloud_Icon_AgilityFlexibilityProject Managers have told us that it can take months to be fully operational which eats into the schedule. Additionally provisioning for peak usage leads to idle resources and increased costs in both infrastructure and man-hours. With SmartPlant Cloud you gain global agility to rapidly start-up, compress schedules, and to scale up or down to meet your business needs.

Faster Start-up. Compressed Schedules. Lower Cost.


Cloud_Icon_HypercareFirst impressions count, and adopting a Cloud service may pose challenges for your organization, partners and suppliers. Intergraph’s dedicated team of experts guide you through the initial use of the SmartPlant Cloud service and are in place to ensure your success. This enhanced, onsite, early-implementation support identifies issues and removes barriers to adoption with seamless handover to ongoing support.

Achieve goals. Drive acceptance. Ensure maximum ROI.

Support & Optimization

What are you spending on supporting end users?


Maintaining and monitoring a global infrastructure is not your core business. Having the right resources available at the right time and location is expensive and challenging. SmartPlant Cloud provides the right resources at a lower cost, freeing your staff to focus activities that differentiate your business. Your organization benefits from a single interface to a partner that has responsibility to address all issues.

Continuous optimization and monitoring with 24/7 expert support

Global EPC Migrates to Cloud

Burns & McDonnell to migrate key engineering infrastructure to SmartPlant® Cloud.

Intergraph SmartPlant Cloud

Share information effectively, reduce handover points, and shorten project schedules. SmartPlant Cloud offers simple portal access and mobile access with no boundaries for increased use. A scalable infrastructure meets your project needs. Benefit from real data management across the project, and at an even higher level across the entire organization.

Eni, Innovation and SmartPlant® Cloud

For multinational energy company, Eni, SmartPlant® Cloud has been quicker, more flexible and easier to use than an in-house solution. This innovative adoption of technology has increased the quality of their collected engineering data, documents and models, saving time and costs and enabling Eni to respond rapidly to business challenges.

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SmartPlant® Cloud TUF Group
This Intergraph Technical User Forum (TUF) LinkedIn group serves as an online discussion forum for year-round networking among Smart Cloud users. Customers around the world can share their expertise, experiences, and best practices. In addition, users can exchange thoughts and ideas directly with Intergraph product owners.

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User Awareness, Training and Compliance Made Easier

MetaCompliance® is a partner of SmartPlant Cloud, and is the market standard for best practice policy management software and information security awareness technologies

Using SmartPlant Cloud on JV Projects at Fluor

Watch this video intro for a GetSmart! webinar that shows how Fluor has used SmartPlant Cloud to achieve better productivity in large-scale, complex, joint venture projects, and how having information within reach to all parties lays a solid foundation for project success.  

JGC America, Inc. Implements SmartPlant® Cloud

Engineering, procurement and construction management company signs agreement to use SmartPlant® Cloud as computing infrastructure for its new office in America