SmartPlant® Cloud

Reduce project risk

Reduce CAPEX and OPEX

Shorten project schedules by maximizing reuse of data

Shorten application deployment time

Eliminate duplication of effort

Allow data be reused across multiple projects

Ensure application integration and central tag management in a consistent manner

Stop data erosion on a project (information getting lost along the way)

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Feature 3

SmartPlant® Cloud

SmartPlant® Cloud brings the suite of SmartPlant Enterprise, third party solutions, and in-house applications all within reach.

User Awareness, Training and Compliance Made Easier

MetaCompliance® is a partner of SmartPlant Cloud, and is the market standard for best practice policy management software and information security awareness technologies

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SmartPlant Cloud TUF Group
SmartPlant Cloud is the new engineering ecosystem offering Intergraph Smart™ applications and third-party applications supported by technical and business operations service.