Samahnzi 3D Pact

Take advantage of 3D simulated training based on 3D models or laser scans. Samahnzi 3D PACT provides a uniquely engaging, interactive training experience that has been proven to offer better knowledge retention than traditional classroom training approaches.

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Real-world scenarios enable trainees to step through operating and commissioning procedures, maintenance tasks, inspections, and isolations. Trainees can respond to emergency situations by interacting with 3D models or photo-realistic laser scans as if they were actually on the facility floor.    

Key benefits


Complex or safety-critical tasks can be practiced.


Plant designs can be verified for safe, practical, and effective operations.


Staff can be trained and rehearsed on hazardous operations in complete safety.

New module for tag management

See how data collection is shifted to earlier in the project, enabling the project team to proactively identify and resolve issues as they arise, instead of being delayed making them harder and more costly to resolve.

Samahnzi 3D PACT - 3D Training Simulation Solution

Learn how the Sahmanzi 3D PACT simulated training environment, available through Intergraph®, leverages 3D plant models or photorealistic TruView laser scans to address the issues of safe training and high volumes of training.

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