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To keep a plant operating smoothly over its 30- to 40-year life requires efficient and intelligent plant engineering from the beginning. Intergraph’s comprehensive plant engineering solution has been developed for today’s 24/7 global engineering workshare environment. All engineering disciplines are intelligent and fully integrated — an engineering change in one area automatically triggers change in all associated objects, no matter where the change occurs. Designed to drive plant optimization, the rule-driven environment prevents engineering errors, thus avoiding shutdowns and lost production.

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Intergraph Smart Process Engineering

Manage process simulation cases to drive the design case and the associated deliverables such as PFD and data sheets as well as make the data available for downstream design.

SmartPlant® P&ID

SmartPlant® P&ID helps you develop and manage your piping and instrumentation diagrams with a focus on the plant asset.

SmartPlant® Instrumentation

SmartPlant® Instrumentation offers a single engineering environment to create and manage instrumentation data, as well as create and manage change consistently across required deliverables.

SmartPlant® Electrical

Electrical engineers have to be flexible and quick with last-minute load changes and additions. SmartPlant® Electrical is fit for the job, with powerful capabilities such as design re-use, rules to check the design, cable management, and scenario-based design of distribution systems for cases like summer, winter, and start-up.

SmartPlant® Isometrics

SmartPlant® Isometrics, powered by Isogen®, is an easy-to-use yet powerful Microsoft® Windows®-based, specification-driven, pipe-sketching application for the as-built plant.

CloudWorx™ for SmartPlant® Isometrics

CloudWorx™ for SmartPlant® Isometrics helps you quickly create piping isometric documents from a point cloud with no need for a 3D model.


SmartSketch® is a versatile and cost-effective precision engineering and drafting product.

SmartPlant® Action Management

SmartPlant® Action Management sends the required actions produced by engineering checks to the appropriate disciplines.

SmartPlant® Explorer

SmartPlant® Explorer provides easy access to data from the SmartPlant Enterprise Engineering & Schematics solution suite.

SmartPlant® P&ID Design Validation

SmartPlant® P&ID Design Validation provides a workflow for verifying your piping system drawings at the data attribute and topology levels.

SmartPlant® P&ID Engineering Integrity

SmartPlant® Engineering Integrity will check P&IDs, instrument and electrical data against safety and engineering practices and project standards.

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