Information Management

Ensure consistency and accuracy of your engineering data

Plant designers and plant owners need plant management software with enhanced decision support capabilities to facilitate global design, production, and life cycle optimization of the plant. Intergraph's information management software maximizes efficiency for industrial and manufacturing plant maintenance and provides plant operation solutions. From concept and design through plant maintenance, operations, and decommissioning, Intergraph enables electronic management of all of the plant’s engineering information, integrating information on the physical asset, processes, and regulatory and safety imperatives.

Information Management Products

SmartPlant® Fusion

This automated engineering solution helps reduce document search and validation time, extract intelligence from unstructured data from contractors, and discover inconsistencies during project execution.

SmartPlant® Foundation

SmartPlant® Foundation is the Intergraph® total solution for plant information management. It ensures secure access to plant information, including engineering designs, vendor data, purchase orders, RFQs, specification sheets, and all ancillary documents.

SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry

The Intergraph® SmartPlant® Master Tag Registry (MTR) is a module for tag management and tag register production, focused on making tag registers easier to produce for handover to owners.

Intergraph Smart™ Data Validator

Engineering data integrity begins by carefully managing the quality, correctness and completeness of data at time of data handover. Intergraph Smart™ Data Validator ensures the quality of data delivered from contractors, suppliers, and vendors, creating a high quality data basis for operations.

SmartPlant® Foundation Web Portal

SmartPlant® Foundation Web Portal provides web access to project and plant information stores with the same security and control as SmartPlant Foundation Desktop Client users.

SmartPlant® Markup Plus

SmartPlant® Markup Plus provides precision view, print, and markup capabilities to the CAD and raster formats commonly used in process engineering applications.

SPE for EPC Data Take on and Handover

The increasing adoption of SmartPlant® Foundation (SPF)-based systems by engineering contractors (EPCs) and owner operators (OO) has led to increasing demand for a solution to make the process of handover of data and documentation between these systems simpler.

SPO Data Take on and Handover

The increasing adoption of SmartPlant® Foundation-based systems by contractors and owner operators has led to increasing demand for a solution to make the handover of data and documentation between these systems simpler.

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For the chemical industry, today's challenge is sustainability in the market – which means operational efficiency is a must. Through Intergraph chemical plant design, construction, and maintenance solutions, leading firms can better design and build plants. This contributes to reduced time to market and an optimized supply chain. Chemical plant owners will gain control over their valuable information asset in order to generate or process chemical products faster. Owners can build and make their plants operational in record time.

Consumer Goods

Consumer goods companies have short engineering life cycles, moving ideas to market very quickly. This can mean mere months for time to market by aligning multi-million dollar machines, plants, and overall work processes to meet changing customer needs and expectations. With Intergraph solutions for manufacturing plant design, the consumer goods industry can better design their plants, more effectively manage their plant data, improve their materials management processes, and enhance overall manufacturing plant efficiency.

Marine, Offshore & Shipbuilding

Marine, shipbuilding, and offshore engineering must deal with many obstacles: physical space constraints, extreme weather conditions, deep water, and remote locations. These constraints create an extreme environment for the engineer to develop a sound, reliable, and safe operating platform. Integration of hull and plant designs is another difficulty for the engineer to overcome. After a marine, offshore, and shipbuilding facility is turned over to operations, the challenges do not become any easier. Maintaining and operating in a safe environment with access to accurate and reliable data to make informed decisions is critical to improving uptime.

Metals & Mining

The metals and mining industry provides basic raw materials needed by major sectors of the world economy. This market is experiencing a period of unprecedented growth.  Developing economies in Asia and South America are increasing consumption of both coal and minerals to meet demands for higher standards of living. Intergraph plant automation solutions can help the industry meet the challenges of achieving higher production goals and operational excellence through better engineering data management allowing for improved asset performance from initial design stages to commencement of operations.

Nuclear & Power Generation

Intergraph addresses the complete life cycle of large fossil fuel, hydroelectric, or nuclear plants involved in generating power for commercial and residential use. By better understanding the information about the plant, owners can maximize their return on investment to bring a large plant online, improve plant efficiency, and lower power plant operating costs. From new power plant design and construction to nuclear plant maintenance, owners can benefit from a consolidated and managed source of asset information, such as maintaining effective change control over their valuable plant data.

Oil & Gas

Intergraph supports the design, building, handover, commissioning, operating, and maintaining of large plants involved in producing or processing oil and gas natural resources, including offshore platform structure construction. Oil and gas refinery owners can eliminate unplanned plant shutdown to avoid the tremendous costs of labor and lost production. Plus they can comply with federal regulations in order to keep their plant operating. Both designers and owners can enjoy better decision support capabilities to facilitate global design, life cycle optimization, and refinery production.


Developing a pharmaceutical product takes many years and hundreds of millions of dollars. With Intergraph's solutions, pharmaceutical companies can gain dramatically better control over their valuable information asset needed to comply with federal regulations, bring new products to market quicker, and eliminate plant shutdowns. They can proactively manage the critical information required to demonstrate regulatory compliance in operating the plant day-to-day, which helps to save time and reduce costs throughout the plant life cycle.