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Intergraph® and eVision® have partnered to create seamless transitions between eVision’s leading operational safety solutions with our renowned solutions for visualization and sustaining a high quality virtual plant.

Issue 38

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After these efforts, we trust Smart 3D to efficiently design high added-value vessels. We are confident that this collaboration has provided us with the most innovative and efficient solution for our core business.
Mr. Joseph-Marie Pineau
Head of the Hull Engineering Division | STX France
Intergraph Smart™ 3D & SmartPlant® P&ID

"The ease of documentation generation, lowered error risk before the construction stage, and high reliability are the key reasons why we have chosen Intergraph® as our main solutions provider, and why we intend to keep using Intergraph solutions in the future."

Victor Smirnov, CEO


"The detailed design process used for this project is very powerful, I was really impressed! It can be widely utilized in future projects. Design review helped us to correctly understand all the design and construction steps, checking correspondence of process and construction documents."

Alberto Pagliarini, Isagro Technical Service Manager and Project Coordinator
Marson 3D Innovative

December 2016

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Keppel Fels Baltech Ltd. | Bulgaria
Judges' Choice: Offshore